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Brent Belsher

Fundraising Associate and Company Manager on Tour

Brent has been the company manager on the road with Kidd Pivot for 15 years. In addition to that role for the past three years he has also been fundraising for the company. He initiated a Friends of Kidd Pivot group who have made an important contribution to the financial viability of the company. In addition to his work with Kidd Pivot Brent is an agent working with many other dance companies. In 2012 he formed Belsher Arts Management and works with artists and companies based in Canada, the US, Europe and Israel. Prior to his work in the arts Brent worked for a travel company taking people all over the world. And prior to that he lived in Japan for five years. He has a continuous love for travel combined with his love of the art form and the artists he works with.

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