Lost Action

“Assembling a dynamic team of seven dancers at the height of their powers, Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM artistic director Crystal Pite continues her investigation into the metaphoric implications of movement and performance. Dancers sculpt space in real-time, working inside a form that is constantly in a state of vanishing. In Lost Action the artists embody both the dance and its disappearance; the inevitable dissolution of their work and their bodies made poignantly apparent.

Fuelled by the outstanding abilities of these world-class performers, Lost Action begins as an analysis of the articulated and amazing body, and unfolds to reveal the human element at the centre of the work: the ephemeral body moved by the potent heart.

Lost Action is driven by an original score composed by long-time collaborator, Owen Belton, and lighting design by Jonathan Ryder.”

70 minutes
Created by
Crystal Pite
Written by
Eric Beauchesne, Malcolm Low, Yannick Matthon, Crystal Pite, Victor Quijada
Original Music
Owen Belton
Costume Design
Linda Chow
Lighting Design
Jonathan Ryder
Eric Beauchesne, Francine Liboiron, Malcolm Low, Yannick Matthon, Crystal Pite, Anne Plamondon, Victor Quijada
Eric Beauchesne, Malcolm Low, Yannick Matthon, Crystal Pite, Victor Quijada


“She keeps us on guard in uncompromising dance terms.”

Vancouver Sun

“Pite’s strength is how she works her ideas physically, exploring them in kinetic terms to make thrilling choreography. At the physical level alone – for the dancers’ virtuosity and the choreographer’s mastery of time and space, exits and entrances – Lost Action is impressive because so much is revealed in the movement.”

The Dance Current


Lost Action is the winner of the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award – Dance 2006

Header image by Chris Randle

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