Betroffenheit (digital)

A state of shock and bewilderment encompasses you in the wake of a disaster. It is a timeless, liminal space where you return again and again even as you struggle to gain and maintain distance, and where you keep responding to the disaster long after it has subsided. Here, a crisis-management team is keeping your emergency situation alive and present, a trusted voice is urging you to come to terms with the past, and a steady supply of “The Show” is available for all the distraction, escape and pleasure you crave. In one sense you’re the survivor and this is your refuge. In another, you’re the disaster waiting to happen. This new creation by two of Canada’s most celebrated companies is an innovative, boundary-stretching hybrid of theatre and dance.

Created by
Crystal Pite & Jonathon Young
Directed for the screen by
Jeff Tudor
Recorded at
Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London
Co-produced by
Electric Company Theatre and Kidd Pivot
Written by
Jonathon Young
Choreographed and Directed by
Crystal Pite
Bryan Arias, David Raymond, Cindy Salgado, Jermaine Spivey, Tiffany Tregarthen & Jonathon Young
Producers for Stage
Jim Smith & Jessie van Rijn
Stage Design
Jay Gower Taylor 
Original Music & Sound Design
Owen Belton, Alessandro Juliani & Meg Roe
Stage Lighting
Tom Visser 
Costume Design
Nancy Bryant 
Linda Chow & Nicola Ryall 
Heidi Wilkinson & Omanie Elias 
Stage Managers
Jan Hodgson, Philomena Sondergaard & Jaimie Tait
Rehearsal Director
Eric Beauchesne 
Stage Technical Director
Jeremy Collie-Holmes
Stage Control
Eric Chad
Stage Carpenter
Isaac Robinson
Camera Supervisor
Vince Spooner
Camera Operators
Rob Barker, Chris Martin, Bruce Miller & Giles Pritchard
Vision Mixer
Carol Abbott
Script Supervisor
Yvonne Craven
Andy Payne & Matthew Charles
OB Technical Facilities
Top Telly
Mark Robinson & Jeff White
Dave Collett
Production Assistant
James Stout
Grade and Online
Core Post
Executive Producer for the BBC
Emma Cahusac
Produced and Edited by
Adrienne Liron
3 minutes West / Kidd Pivot / Electric Company Theatre

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