“The animator knows that movement is essential to the illusion of aliveness. The rise and fall of a chest, the flutter of eyelids, the grip of a hand: we move, and we appear to be. When an animator or puppeteer brings something inanimate ‘to life’, both puppet and puppeteer embody the mystery of creation itself.

Running through all of my work is the question of what moves us. This question is embedded in both the choreography and content I explore, and has often found expression in the mechanics of puppet and puppeteer. I want to understand and demonstrate the difference between ‘dancing’ and ‘being danced’. I’m interested in the appearance and qualities of consciousness.” — Crystal Pite”

20 minutes
Produced by
Produced by
Choreographed by
Crystal Pite
Original Music
Original Score
The Cinematic Orchestra
Costume Design
Nancy Bryant
Lighting Design
Eric Chad
Gregory Lau, Renée Sigouin
Jim Smith, Francesca Piscopo

Kidd Pivot gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Government of British Columbia, British Columbia Arts Council, City of Vancouver, and countless individual and business supporters.

Photo by Eric Berg
Pictured: Gregory Lau and Renée Sigouin

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