Nasiv Kaur Sall


Nasiv Kaur Sall is a Canadian-Punjabi multidisciplinary artist who has professionally worked in film, with contemporary dance companies and with various individual dance, music, and multidisciplinary artists as a dancer, actor, choreographer, and rehearsal assistant.

Nasiv completed her formal contemporary dance education in 2020 through the Arts. Umbrella Dance Graduate Program in Vancouver, BC. Since graduating, Nasiv has worked with dance companies Kidd Pivot, Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, Mascall
Dance, Dance//Novella, and CAMP Collective in Vancouver. She also collaborated with Anne Plamondon Productions and La Tresse Collective in Quebec. Currently, Nasiv is involved in ongoing independent projects directed by various contemporary dance artists, including Heather Laura Gray, Anya Saugstad, Isak Enquist, and Alexis Fletcher.

Nasiv has further extended her talents to the film industry, working as an actor and dancer in various feature films and series for networks Nickelodeon, Disney, The CW, NBC, and Netflix.

Nasiv’s most notable choreographic works can be witnessed on stage in the play “Dooja Ghar” (2022) with the Monsoon Festival and South Asian Arts Society and on screen in Anthony Shim’s Leo Award-winning film “Daughter” (2019).

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